About us

The publisher’s list of the Dr. Ludwig Reichert Verlag, founded in 1969, focuses on publications in the humanities, from the fields of Oriental studies, linguistics, history, archaelogy, art history and book and library studies, as well as Facsimile reproductions of important medieval and early modern manuscripts and incunabula. The programme is supplemented by catalogues of manuscripts and rare books from individual libraries.

The main principles of publication are academic quality and excellent book design: Numerous titles have been awarded prizes and were listed among the 50 most beautiful books in Germany. The prizes were mostly obtained for facsimile editions, but also for other titles, standard reference works for scholars as well as students.

The publication of the Tübinger Atlas des Vorderen Orients, the monumental reference work for cultural geography and history of the Middle East, marked the formative years from 1975. In total, more than 130 books were published and, as the core of the work, about 300 maps, which had been developed in many years of research.

The series of books on classical and Christian archaeology, on late ancient art history, Byzantium and Eastern Christianity systematically explore the thematic priorities further. The topic of the Middle Ages was extended with the series Imagines medii aevi. Other series expand our programme in Oriental Studies by dealing with particular subjects or regions, e.g. Caucasian Studies, Literaturen im Kontext. Arabisch – Persisch – Türkisch; a series concentrating on the Islamic era, Iran – Turan, extends the subject area of Iranian studies towards Central Asia.

Facsimile reproductions – including reproductions from the field of musical history and editions of historically important documents such as the agreement “Westfälischer Frieden“ – continue to be published and and establish themselves as reference works for research in various disciplines thanks to extensive critical commentaries. The facsimile editions are embedded in our academic programme, but also have a bibliophilic character in their own right. Our publisher’s list currently comprises about 3000 available titles, including 300 maps.