We are constantly expanding our offer! New books and titles from the backlist are added regularly.

The following packages are currently in preparation for you:

Archaeology update 2020 (approx. 25 titles, approx. 1100 EUR with approx. 10% discount, total approx. 960 EUR*)

Middle Ages 2010 - 2019 (approx. 70 titles, approx. 6100 EUR with approx. 20% discount, total approx. 4800 EUR*)

Middle Ages update 2020 (approx. 16 titles, approx. 2000 EUR with approx. 15% discount, total approx. 1600 EUR*)

German Studies update 2020 (approx. 12 titles, approx. EUR 800 with approx. 10% discount, total approx. EUR 680*)

Linguistics/Literature 2010 - 2019 (approx. 55 titles, approx. 3300 EUR with approx. 15% discount, total approx. 2700 EUR*)

Linguistics/Philology update 2020 (approx. 10 titles, total approx. 1000 EUR*)

Islamic Art and Archaeology 2005-2020 (about 25 titles, about 1350 EUR with about 12% discount, total about 1170 EUR*)

Ancient history until 2020 (approx. 40 titles, approx. 2700 EUR with approx. 15% discount, total approx. 2300 EUR*)

Byzantine art history until 2020 (approx. 35 titles, approx. 2000 EUR with approx. 12% discount, total approx. 1700 EUR*)

(* Prices are basic prices per package)

Besides thematic packages, we are also currently preparing packages for the following series:

Spätantike – Frühes Christentum – Byzanz,
Imagines Medii Aevi. Interdisziplinäre Beiträge zur Mittelalterforschung
Forschungen und Berichte zur Archäologie in Baden-Württemberg
Literaturen im Kontext. Arabisch - Türkisch - Persisch

You will find these also in our Reichert Media Library soon.

If you have any questions or requests regarding our program or if you would like to order a specific title as an eBook, which is currently only available in print, please contact us at or via our contact form.

eBook packages
We compile our eBooks into packages that allow the acquisition of a larger number of titles according to year of publication and book series. Depending on the size of the packages you will receive a quantity discount! A subject-specific subscription of annual packages is possible, as well as subscriptions to series.

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Individual offer
We are happy to advise you individually on eBook packages and put together specific packages and offers for you.

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Pick & Choose
With our Pick & Choose option, you can independently select single titles from our eBook offer regardless of packages and receive a quantity discount on your individually compiled package!

from 20 titles on, you will receive a 5 % discount*
from 50 titles on, you will receive a 10 % discount*
from 100 titles on, you will receive a 15 % discount*

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