Peer review procedure

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In today’s academic community peer reviews are a constitutive method used in order to ensure the quality of scientific publications. It goes without saying that Reichert publishing, too, uses this reliable procedure in order to have the works of its authors examined by independent experts from the same scientific field, thus ensuring the quality, both in regard to content and form, as well as the eligibility of publications.

After submission of the manuscript in question the procedure, taking place anonymously, follows several steps:

  • Thematic and formal review by in-house editor familiar with the respective scientific field, who overlooks the procedure from there on.
  • Scientific review by scientific coordinator of significant reputation in the respective field
  • Transfer of manuscript to a scientist with profound knowledge of the scientific field and the topic at hand for an extensive review
  • Transfer of the review with constructive criticism and notes on revision to author/editor
  • Adaption of the work or, if necessary, statement by the author
  • Transfer to reviewer for final examination and approval