Jahrbuch Musiktherapie / Music Therapy Annual

Band 3 (2007) Kultursensibilität und Musiktherapie / Vol. 3 (2007) Therapeutic Sensivity to Culture Specific Issues

Rachel Darnley-Smith, Tessa Watson, Kana Okazaki-Sakaue, Elisabeth York, Connie Isenberg-Grzeda, Helen Patey, Monika Nöcker-Ribaupierre

The impact of culture on the training of music therapists Pre-conference symposium Brisbane 2005

2008 DOI: https://doi.org/10.29091/9783752001853/008 Page 145 - 159 9783752001853_008.pdf 151.0 KB

This article gives an account of the third symposium of the World Federation of Music Therapy Commission on Education, Training and Accreditation, held as part of the 11th World Congress of Music Therapy in Brisbane, Australia, in July 2005. The symposium, convened by Connie Isenberg-Grzeda, Chair of the Commission 2002–2005 was chaired by Helen Patey, the UK Commission Member. The presenters are all members of the WFMT Commission. The symposium was held before the opening of the congress and was a truly international gathering, attended by 35 delegates from Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, South Africa, UK and the USA.

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