Wurzeln und Gestalt der Atemlehre von Cornelis Veening

224 p., E-book
Series: zeitpunkt musik

The Dutch breathing therapist and teacher Cornelis Veening (1895–1976), who was active in various places in Europe, pioneered his own methods. This book contains excerpts from his letters and lectures, numerous recollections and statements by his students, and contributions from …

Improvisation und Beziehungsqualität

Zur Anwendung des EBQ-Instruments in der inklusiven musikalischen Bildung

148 p., E-book
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Series: zeitpunkt musik
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Elemental Music and Movement Education, which carries on the approaches of Carl Orff and Gunild Keetmann, assigns great importance to personality development. It benefits from the exchange with neighboring subjects such as music therapy, attachment research and educational science. This …