Author: Sebastian Schmid

Die italische Terra Sigillata mit Auflagenverzierung

Katalog der Applikenmotive

400 p., E-book
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Ludwig Ohlenroth, who was born in Augsburg in 1892 and died there in 1959, was not only active as an excavator and heritage conservation officer for several decades, particularly in Augsburg and Kempten, but was also intensively involved in Roman …

Italische Terra Sigillata aus Iuvavum/Salzburg

Untersuchungen zur Siedlungs- und Handelsgeschichte des augusteischen vicus und des municipium Claudium Iuvavum

320 p., E-book
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Due to its large scale distribution and chronological relevance, Italian Terra Sigillata, which was produced in large quantities in Upper, Central and Southern Italy as well as Southern France, represents one of the most important archaeological sources for the early …