Jahrbuch Musiktherapie / Music Therapy Annual

Band 11 (2015) Formen / Vol. 11 (2015) Forms

208 p., E-book
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In this Music Therapy Annual (Jahrbuch Musiktherapie) published by the German Music Therapy Association (Deutsche Musiktherapeutische Gesellschaft), seven authors and three reviewers question the significance of Forms in music therapy processes – as a shaping principle and as an emerging …

Jahrbuch Musiktherapie / Music Therapy Annual

Band 10 (2014) Mentalisierung und Symbolbildung in der musiktherapeutischen Praxis / Vol. 10 (2014) Mentalization and Symbol Formation in Music Therapy Practice

240 p., E-book
Open Access

The articles submitted on the topic of the book "Mentalisation and Symbol Formation" could provide answers to these and similar questions. From the essays that are now actually available, one main focus has emerged: the majority of the contributions deal …


Lettres, chiffres, notes et symboles au Moyen Âge

88 p., E-book
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Dedicated to the question of the sign, this volume brings together the three plenary lectures given by Daniel Heller-Roazen (Philosophy and Comparative Literature, Princeton), Michel Pastoureau (History and History of Art, EPHE Paris) and Susan Rankin (Musicology, Cambridge), at the …

Von Ines Abspacher mit Beiträgen von Sebastian Schmid

Italische und nordafrikanische Lampen des 1. bis 5. Jahrhunderts

Römische Lampen der Sammlung K. Wilhelm

192 p., E-book
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In addition to some Italian picture lamps of the 1st century A.D., the main focus of K. Wilhelm's lamp collection is on 41 lamps of the middle and late imperial period produced in North Africa, as well as three singular …