Architecture: residential buildings, domestic buildings

Das Haus XV B (Maison 49, 19) von Megara Hyblaia

Zur architektonischen und funktionalen Gliederung von Zweihofhäusern im hellenistischen Sizilien

102 p., E-book
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The house XV B (also known as maison 49,19) in Megara Hyblaia, an antique small town nearby Syracuse, is one of the biggest housing complexes of Hellenistic Sicily. Spread around two courts, the house from the 3rd century B.C. possesses …

Der umayyadische Palast des 8. Jahrhunderts in Hirbat al-Minya am See von Tiberias

Bau und Baudekor

395 p., E-book
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The book provides an art historical and archaeological study of the architecture and the architectural decoration of the remarkable early Islamic palatial residence in Khirbat al-Minya at Lake Tiberias in northern Palestine, modern Israel. It constitutes the first monograph publication …